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Add These Places To Your Travel Plans Once Covid-19 Pandemic Is Over

Most people are thinking of where they are travelling once the Covid-19 is over and we can’t wait to just be out and see the world again. While we are still waiting on the right time, here are just some of the best places to check and see once the pandemic is done.

Caesarea, Israel

Caesarea, Israel

Keysariya or Qesarya, often simplified to Keisarya, is attracting a lot of visitors mainly because of its antiquity and modernity. Enjoy seaside fine dining then wander the ruins of bathhouses. You can also explore submerged Roman breakwaters, cargo and columns while scuba diving or snorkelling.

Costa Rica

How about a visit to Nayara Tented Camp? This safari-style retreat is just near the famous Nayara Hotel and Nayara Springs resort. You can also visit Kasiiya Papagayo which is an adventure getaway. Go south and you’ll find the Kinkara Luxury Retreat, built on the slopes of the Talamanca mountain range.
There are still a lot of great places to visit and once the pandemic is over make sure to check the places on the list.

Brisbane, Australia

The massive Queen’s Wharf revitalization project in the Queensland capital remains in construction and may be completed in 2022 so you still have a lot of time to prepare and probably by that time, the pandemic is over.

Be prepared to find family-friendly Waterline Park where you find sporting equipment and go wall climbing. Follow this by going to the Mangrove Walk which caters to indigenous culture and local wildlife. There is also the Bicentennial Bikeway where you can ride your bike as it has wider lanes and better traffic flow.

Travelling With Pets – What To Do When You Travel With Your Pet

Are you planning to travel with your pet? Travelling with pets is possible, but must at least ask information on the airlines you intend to book. You should keep in mind that not all airlines accept pets for transportation so inquiring firsthand will help you decide on this. Some airlines give importance to pets when on travel so they ask some employees to take care of them until you have reached your destination. They will also have rules and regulations that you need to follow.

Pet travel

Most airlines have insurance or charge you on transporting your pets so you must know the details first. After you have inquired, booking the transportation in advance will lessen the problems you may deal with when traveling. You must also visit your veterinarian to as for more advice on some tips on how to transport your pets on an airplane. Your vet will give you some medications for your pets’ needs. So knowing some details on this will make your life stress-free when moving with pets.

Moving your pet by land

If you have plan on moving your pet by land, here are some tips you may follow. Get your pet a barred enclosure where you can put your pet into while traveling on the road. You can ask this on a pet shop and they may even give you some tips on how to use this on your trip. There are some items that you may want to add to this so that your pet will be comfortable enough while traveling. But before the big day, try to accustom your pet to this so that you won’t have any problems along the way. You may ask your veterinarian for some advice that will help you on traveling by road. Don’t leave your pet in your car on hot or winter season. It may lead you to a more dangerous situation for them. Always remember that even for human, leaving your loved ones inside the car on a not so good temperature can be fatal so what more for your pet.

During the travel, your pet will need food and water so you must pack the right amount of dog food that can last for days because you might not find any pet shop along the way. One more thing- put a name tag on your pet with complete information about you and your pet that will help someone locate you as the owner.

Travel To Europe – Experience The Unique History Of Every Country In Europe

There are many interesting areas to see when you travel to Europe. The unique history of each country is just waiting for you to explore.

Experience the Sami culture

The subregion in the Northern Europe, Scandinavia, comprises Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. While Danish, Finish, Icelandic, Norwegians and Swedes make the majority.

Rich Multicultural History

In the far north lives a small minority group known as the Sami people. They are identified by the UN as an indigenous people, with many old traditions. You will love the details of their traditional costume as it displays vibrant colours with beautiful patterns interwoven into the cloth. When you travel Europe you get the opportunity to discover a unique lifestyle very few know about. The weather in Scandinavia is cold year-round so do not forget to bring thick clothing.

Travel to Spain and enjoy sizzling cuisine to world-class museums and cutting-edge art galleries. Try the intoxicating flamingo, dance with its roots in many pots. Don’t worry there are plenty of dancers willing to help you go with the beat.

The Sorb experience in Germany is a small but determined ethnic group. As you travel Europe, you will see signs in English, French, Spanish, Germany but also Basque, Sorbian and Catalans. You will find it amusing to see these less commonly spoken languages but in travel areas, the signs are written in two languages.

The Bretons are in danger of fading as an extinct ethnic group in Brittany France. The Bretons have carved an significant role in world history and great builders of enchanting castles. Travelling around Europe gets you a chance to see these ethnic groups before their rich culture vanish forever.

When you travel Europe, you take not only a vacation but also an opportunity to see into the lives of others such as English, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Bretons, Roma, Sami and many others.

Take your chance to travel to Europe to see and experience the rich multicultural history of every country before they disappear. We do not know, perhaps in the next few years, the remaining influence of these small ethnic groups will be no more to be found and an opportunity to witness their vibrant lifestyle will be gone forever.

Beautiful Holiday Resorts To Add In Your After Covid-19 Travel Plans

The spread of the coronavirus around the world has disrupted our way of travel and it may take a while before we can get back to how it used to be. While we may still be on a lockdown, this does not mean that we can’t prepare our future travel plans. Here are some places to consider:

Kuruizawa, Japan


Although the 2020 Olympics has been cancelled, tourism in Japan is still booming. Explore Tokyo where you can visit Mandarin Oriental Tokyo and its special subway entrance. Then visit Mt. Fuji, Kyoto or the resort town of Karuizawa.


There are a lot of great places to visit in Jamaica. How about a vacation in Montego Bay where you can stay on a floating bungalow and go horseback riding on the beach? Montego Bay is also a great place to go snorkelling and scuba diving.

And of course, let us not forget Jamaica’s rum! If you love rum, this country is for you Jamaica is also known for its rum and expect it to be very good.


When you think of Iceland, you probably think of Blue lagoon and Reykjavik. While these are great touristy hot spots, the eastern region of Iceland has great places to visit too.

When in Iceland, a visit to hot springs and Jacuzzis are a natural way to do your tour. There are tons of pools in the country and the heating systems come from the ground which makes it unique. You can also visit an organic farm in the country since it is more difficult to find such places in Island because of the climate. And once there, you can have a farm-to-table meal.

About Books

When we travel, we want to keep all expenses at a minimum. Whenever or wherever we can save, we do it. Airfare is one of the biggest expenses when traveling. If you want to know how you can save the next time you book your flights, read on.

Here are the tips you can follow to book a cheaper flight:

Book Early 

Booking your flight earlier will help you score cheaper tickets. The closer you book on the travel date, the more expensive your ticket will be. Grab the opportunity to get tickets at lower costs by booking them immediately. 

Keep an Eye for Special Deals

Who doesn’t want discounts and price cuts? Airlines offer promos and discounts all-year-round. Make sure you grab the chance for cheaper airfare by setting up alerts to notify you whenever they have sales and promos. 

Be Flexible

If you are not in a rush in your travel, you can go for connecting flights. Connecting flights are cheaper than direct ones. What is waiting for some time if it means more savings, right?

 Use More Than One Travel Portal

Do not book directly from the carrier just yet. Search the web and check out different travel portals. Each offers deals and looks for the best deal with the lowest airfare. With a little patience for online searching, you will get yourself cheaper airline tickets. 

Mix and match

Traveling by airplane means you can go the way you want. You are not boxed to booking from just one airline. Look for the cheapest flights and match them together for more savings. .