Add These Places To Your Travel Plans Once Covid-19 Pandemic Is Over

Most people are thinking of where they are travelling once the Covid-19 is over and we can’t wait to just be out and see the world again. While we are still waiting on the right time, here are just some of the best places to check and see once the pandemic is done.

Caesarea, Israel

Caesarea, Israel

Keysariya or Qesarya, often simplified to Keisarya, is attracting a lot of visitors mainly because of its antiquity and modernity. Enjoy seaside fine dining then wander the ruins of bathhouses. You can also explore submerged Roman breakwaters, cargo and columns while scuba diving or snorkelling.

Costa Rica

How about a visit to Nayara Tented Camp? This safari-style retreat is just near the famous Nayara Hotel and Nayara Springs resort. You can also visit Kasiiya Papagayo which is an adventure getaway. Go south and you’ll find the Kinkara Luxury Retreat, built on the slopes of the Talamanca mountain range.
There are still a lot of great places to visit and once the pandemic is over make sure to check the places on the list.

Brisbane, Australia

The massive Queen’s Wharf revitalization project in the Queensland capital remains in construction and may be completed in 2022 so you still have a lot of time to prepare and probably by that time, the pandemic is over.

Be prepared to find family-friendly Waterline Park where you find sporting equipment and go wall climbing. Follow this by going to the Mangrove Walk which caters to indigenous culture and local wildlife. There is also the Bicentennial Bikeway where you can ride your bike as it has wider lanes and better traffic flow.