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The Jamaican Missing Persons Website 

"The Constabulary Communication Network (CCN) is reporting that a total of 74 persons have gone missing since the start of the year, averaging almost five disappearances each week." - The Gleaner, 18 April 2006 best 3 scar creams

"As it turns out though, the issue of missing persons may really be among the most fundamental of the matters facing the constabulary, the addressing of which may well contribute to the resolution of of some of the serious crimes we face in Jamaica. Indeed the authorities, now that they are collating the information, have reported that they were 1,881 persons reported missing in Jamaica last year, or more than 72 per 100,000 persons in the island. That is substantially higher than the country's horrendous murder rate of nearly 57 per 100,000 population." - Jamaica Observer, 17 January 2005

"Two years ago, the Government announced that an anti-kidnapping unit would have been set up to address an apparently increasing spate of abductions, including that of high profile social worker Christine English. To date, that unit has still not been set up." - The Gleaner, 17 April 2006

JamaicaMissingPersons.org is Jamaica's first and ONLY female enhancement pills website dedicated to helping families obtain information to find their missing loved ones.

This site is offered as a FREE service and allows individuals and the Police to post information (including photographs) regarding missing persons. This process allows critical information to reach the widest possible community in a very quick time and remains available until the missing person has been located.

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JamaicanMissingPersons.org, best colon cleanse and Loss Control Associates do not provide missing persons investigations of any kind. We provide this website as a service where the public may post and view information about missing persons. Should anyone claiming to represent us attempt to solicit investigative work please notify us immediately.